BLACKMORES Vitamin B + C Tablet 30’s


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-Each tablet contains 7 types B vitamins and 300 mg of vitamin C
-Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection against damage from pollutants and secondhand smoke
-Replenishes the B and C vitamins your body loses when dealing with stress
-Helps restore energy and maintain normal energy metabolism
-Maintains the normal functioning of the nervous system
-Suitable for: People with high work pressure, smoking or drinking habits

Active ingredients per serving
-Thiamine nitrate
(Vitamin B1)
7.5 mg
(Vitamin B2)
8.5 mg
(Vitamin B3)
60 mg
-Calcium pantothenate
(Vitamin B5)
20 mcg
-Pyridoxine hydrochloride
(Vitamin B6)
10 mg
(Vitamin B12)
10 mcg
-Folic acid
200 mcg

Ascorbic acid
(Vitamin C)
300 mg