GOTYRELIVE Botanical Beverage Mix Lemon 5g 1’s


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Gotyrelive turmeric blend sachets from Bluace is made of:

CURCUGREEN ® or BCM-95 which is a potent bioactive component in turmeric. It possesses powerful anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties.

Montmorency cherry or commonly known as tart cherry which is found in United States, Europe and Canada. It is rich in anthocyanidins which is proven to be an effective remedy to lower uric acid level.

Boswellia gum resin extract traditionally used to treat inflammatory diseases and has anti-arthritis property.

Who Should Consume Gotyrelive?

Gotyrelive is suitable for:

Individual with joint pain
Individual with gout and recurrent gout flare
Obese and overweight people
Individual who are active in sports


Suitable for vegetarian. No worries on animal by-products contamination.
Sugar-free. Suitable for diabetic and people who prefer low sugar diet.
Lemon flavor. Do not have after taste of turmeric and makes a citrusy refreshment healthy beverage.
Natural ingredients. No side effects and can be consumed daily.
Can drink as preventive measure for arthritis pain and recurrent gout flare.
Suitable for pregnant women and adolescents.
Potent immunity booster.

How to consume?
Take 1 sachet once daily , mix with 150ml of water, best served if chilled