MAMAMI Natural Himalaya Rock Salt


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  • Guranteed 100% Organic from natural farmas


  • Natural Himalaya Rock Salt:
    – Premium Quality
    – No Herbicides
    – No Additives
    – No Preservatives
  • Benefits:
    – Absorbs & neutralizes all the negative energy, toxins, allergens and irritants in your environment.
    – As a must-have tool for purifying, detoxifying and energetically cleansing your space.
    – As an aura cleansing and ridding body of negative energy.
  • Tips / Usage:
    – Store in a dry, cool sealed container and place.
    – Use for Cooking, Dressing, Beauty Spa, Dipping’s, daily leg soaking.
    – Himalayan Salt Sole: Mix 1 tsp. into a glass of room temperature water and take first thing in the morning! (always have some salt at the bottom)