MAYON’S Footcare Cream 75g


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About this item
Mayons Foot cream has an exquisite herbal blend to smooth dryness and soothe tired feet. it helps soften hard, dry heels and improves foot circulation with regular massage.
Eucalyptus oil has potent antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.
Menthol in addition to its local cooling and pain relieving properties can speed up healing by dialating blood vessels and increasing flow to the affected area

About Brand: The essence of endless beauty lies in nature. Introducing, the Mayons Natural Cosmetic Range, an epitome of natural herbs, that give the experience of beautification, nourishment and rejuvenation, to stay enriched always.

It helps to

– soften hard, cracked heels
– Improves foot circulation with regular massage.
– Boosts foot hygiene with moisturizers.
– Immediately relieves tired sore feet.
– Relaxes and refreshes feet.
– Improves microcirculation.