mr cooling gel patch (4 patches/box)


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Hospitech Cooling Gel Patch is used for physical cooling and cold compress physiotherapy. It is only for treatment of closed soft tissue.

It is composedof non-woven back lining layer, gel layer, polyethylene film layer and other parts. Not containing ingredients that exert pharmacology and immunology or metabolism.

Features and Benefits :

– Heat Discoloration Technology: Convenient in monitoring body temperature’s changes. Below 38 Degree Celsius: Purple / Above 38 Degree Celsius:Pink
– New Polymer Gel: Long lasting cooling effect
– Super Viscous
– Suitable for all ages
– Skin Sensitivity Free

Direction of Use:

– Uncover the transparent film and stick adhesive side of the hydrogel to forehead, neck, temple or other parts that need cooling and cold. It can be cut into appropiate size according to the need.
– Do not stick it to the hair. If thers is moisture on the skin, clean it and then use it. Use one tablet at a time. Avoid repeated use so as not to affect the viscosity and function.

Cautions :

– Avoid eating. Children are advised to use it under adult supervision.

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