ORBIT Insect Control Lavender Spray 300ml


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  • Guranteed 100% Organic from natural farmas


An all natural, non-toxic, baby safe, and eco friendly surface spray that stops cockroaches, ants and flies from invading your home. It’s designed to safely repel insects from any surface – yes, even food preparation areas – keeping your home protected and pest-free.


Multi-Purpose Protection – repels and kills pests, sanitises surfaces.

Non-Toxic – safe for use around children, pets and food.

Quick Tip – Spraying around inaccessible areas will still provide protection when a pest decides to show up.


Spray on surfaces or areas you want to keep pest and pathogen-free. Keep bottle upright and hold about 10-15cm from surface. After spraying, wipe surface to ensure even coverage. Re-apply as often as desired to ensure protection.