Selsun Blue 2 in 1 With Conditioner 120ml


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The Selsun Blue moisturizing treatment shampoo is specially formulated to control dandruff. It’s also enriched with aloe to gently moisturize. This hair care shampoo soothes dry, itchy scalp, leaving hair healthy, shiny and manageable. It can be used on damaged or chemically-treated hair. Enriched with Aloe and Moisturizers. Indicated for the control of dandruff flaking and itching. Selsun is formulated with Selenium Sulfide that not only attacks the root source of the dandruff, but laboratory tests have also shown that it is one of the most effective ingredient to treat dandruff and control recurrence.

Features & Benefits

Fight Dandruff & Control Recurrence

• With Selenium Sulfide to help control dandruff flaking and itching

Superior Moisturizing for Soft & Manageable Hair

• With extract of natural French Honey to restore hair and scalp hydration for long lasting moisturization

Extra Moisturizing

• Added with 3 types of conditioning ingredients to repair dry & damaged hair

2 in stock
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