SLEEPTITE Lavender Spray 300ml


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  • Guranteed 100% Organic from natural farmas


  • 100% non-toxic spray
  • 100% bed bugs knockdown in 4 minutes and 94% mortality in 24 hours
  • Safe around children
  •  Natural/Lavender scent Stop bed bugs from invading your home using this non-toxic surface spray.
  • Independently tested in the US, It provides 100% bed bug knockdown in under 5 minutes and 94% mortality within 24 hours.
  • Just spray it on surfaces to protect against bed bugs and stop them infesting your home or belongings.

– Non-Toxic, Safe To Use Anytime, Anywhere

– including around children, pets and food. You can even use it on hotel beds and luggage to protect yourself while travelling.

– Fast-Acting

– Independent US Lab tested

– Easy-To-Use

– Just spray on surfaces to repel and protect against bed bugs. Quick Tip

– Use the Sleep Tite Bed Bug Elimination Kit to get rid of bed bug infestation.


– Spray Sleep Tite Bed Bug Control directly onto places where bed bugs are known or suspected to hide (mattress, bed frame, furniture).

-Keep bottle upright and hold about 10-15cm from surface. Re-apply as often as desired to repel bed bugs