SYN-E Orange Juice 200ml


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Syn-E Electrolytes Orange Juice is fortified with vital electrolytes, vitamin C, zinc and taurine. It is suggested for those with moderate dehydration especially after diarrhea or vomiting. It is recommended to take during/after sport activities to boost energy and replenish the electrolytes.

✔Fortified with vitamin C, zinc and taurine

✔No preservatives

✔Tastes best when chilled


Water, Sugar, Orange Juice Concentrate (1.52%), Dextrose, Sodium Citrate (0.29%), Acidity Regulator (E 330), Potassium Chloride (0.15%), Sodium Chloride (0.125%), Magnesium Sulphate (0.05%), Taurine (0.04%), Calcium Lactate (0.04%), Ascorbic Acid (0.023%), Zinc sulphate (0.0022%).

Direction for use: Shake well before use

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.