BAAITS Vitamin C 30mg + Vege Extract Strawberry 40’s


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Contains anti-caking agent and stabilizer as permitted food conditioner.

Take 1-2 per day before meal, for kids 1-12 years old.

Protect your loved ones by giving them Baaits Vitamin C Kids.✨
Baaits Vitamin C Kids enriched with Vege Extract is very suitable for children aged 2 to 12 years. ?
Its affordable price and delicious taste make this vitamin the choice of parents out there. ?‍?‍?
This vitamin comes with two children’s favorite flavors which are Orange? and Strawberry?.
What are the benefits of this Kid’s Vitamin C?
? Helps improve the body’s immune system.
? Helps build healthy muscles.
? Helps speed up the wound healing process.
? Helps the absorption of enough iron in the child’s body.
?Helps strengthen healthy bones, teeth and gums in children.